July 23, 2020

Wilmer Gibson Heightens Overweight Stance on Global Equities

The firm shows optimism on global equities and sees support from positive global macroeconomic policies

Wilmer Gibson, a leading financial services firm providing world-class wealth management services, announces that it has heightened its positive expectations regarding the development of the global equity market, and also reveals some key factors that will likely support and even give a significant boost in the coming quarters.

Wilmer Gibson has been always keeping its customers informed and updated when it comes to market trends, announcements and developments, therefore, based on the latest findings of its senior investment professionals, the firm reinforces it’s high and optimistic market expectations.

A largely positive global macroeconomic scenario reinforced by many countries’ monetary policies, is expected to buoy global equity prices, a fact that determined Wilmer Gibson to heighten its overweight position on global equities. Wilmer Gibson’s key investment committee decided to raise its overweight position on global equities expectations that equity prices will rise even further in the coming months. This is the third straight quarter that the committee arrived at an overweight stance on global equities since its previous meeting after reconsidering its stance to neutral for the first time in almost five years.

“Definitely, there are many issues around the globe we should be worried about, as always, but we consider none of them convincing enough to stop the momentum in equity prices rise,” commented Patrick Sim, Wilmer Gibson Chief Global Strategist and Head of the Committee.

Geopolitics remains a major risk factor, but the committee believes that the various conflicts, are not likely to escalate dramatically. This should underpin the growth prospects for the G7 economies, in line with the consensus over the next two quarters. In addition, China’s economic growth might continue to slow down, but it does not appear to be headed for a hard landing, the committee believes.

“There are no doubts that geopolitics is still a major risk factor and we will continue to watch this aspect, to be ready to adjust our view right away. We should also watch China’s economy very closely because the tail risk of a major downturn is far from negligible,” added Mr. Sim.

Wilmer Gibson’s Global Investment Committee met for its quarterly review of global economic conditions. Based on the latest announcements and developments on the global market arena, the company will periodically reconsider house views on the major global markets and asset classes and customers will be the first ones to be informed about it.

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